Sinka the mysterious, New Hungarian Dog Breed

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Fülöpszállás, 2017. január 25.
Egy fehér sinka pásztorkutya segíti a bivalycsorda áthajtását a szabadszállási Zab-székrõl a fülöpszállási Kígyós-háti állattartó telepre a Kiskunsági Nemzeti Park területén, Fülöpszállás közelében 2017. január 25-én. A 120 állatot a nyári legelõterületrõl hajtották be a téli szállásukra.
MTI Fotó: Ujvári Sándor

Sinka is not internationally recognised yet. It’s still in lack of pedigree and official standard. The most-popular Hungarian dog breeds are pumi, puli, mudi, kuvasz, vizsla or komondor. Most of them are shepherd dogs or hunting dogs.

In this content, i shared everything you need to know about the New Hungarian dog breed, Sinka. It is also a shepherd dog, but much a much faster and more muscular dog breed, than the lovely puli, for instance.

THE ATHLETIC HUNGARIAN DOG Sinka is a quite young family member of Hungarian dog breeds; it is the youngest, actually, reports The mixed breed was ‘created’ at Hortobány (Hungarian lowland) from already mixed dogs and also boyers, German shepherds and some dogs with ‘bull’ in its name.

Sinks population is around 1 – 2000. Shepherds think it is the ideal number for the population because it is not yet so popular that non-shepherds would choose them because of the dog’s looks. This breed is still strong and hard-working, yet human-loving dog, also like kuvasz, vizsla or puli. Sinka, the Hungarian shepherd dog

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Sinka kutya munka közben  Ismered a 'hüvelykujjas' kutyát? Hát azt, miféle kutya a sinka?  Két igazán különleges fajtát mutatunk most be nektek!  #sinka #kutya #kutyabaráthelyek

Just so you know

The name ‘Sinka’ is coming from Hungarian “sima szőrű” (smooth hair). A very easily teachable, agile and muscular dog with proportional body structure. They are working next to Hungarian grey cattle or sheep.

The breed’s survival can be thanked shepherds for mating the dogs, but also the environment, they live in is what shaped their body and mentality. It quite resembles the Hungarian grey cattle’s hot-temperament and freezing Hungarian winters and hot summers shaped its aptitude to be fit and a good work-doggy.

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Many people would mistake it with pumi, but since pumi has appeared earlier in the 17th century, it became more domestic over time. Both breeds are energetic, yet very friendly to people and his/her owner.

Hope this won’t make you feel bad. If you wish to own a Sinka inside the house: no way, sorry. The dog is energetic, it requires big gardens and spaces and is not so domestic yet.

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