Adorable Pictures Of Dogs Playing In The Snow That Will Almost Make You Want To Go Outside.

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It’s very Rare to find dogs who doesn’t love sticking their paws in some fresh powder or at the very least, is curious about the strange frozen ice crystals.

A dog owner has shared a warning to others after her pet paws were badly burned walking on the ice last week. Sarah Garner had taken her border collie, chase, on an early morning walk in Worcestershire on Thursday when she realized something was wrong. Vets Quickly treated chase but told Sarah he would be unable to walk for at least two weeks.

How To Protect Your Dog From The Dreaded Dog Flu This Season

Sarah wants other owners to take extra care this winter, According to her, she said “before you take your pup outside, snow, ice, and deicers can be irritating and sometimes even toxic. Consider putting them in dog boots. It makes them super cute anyway.

Dogs are beautiful creatures, to appreciate them we shared this adorable pictures of dogs playing in the snow that will almost make you want to go outside.

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