Never Thought Losing Our Family Dog Would Affect My Daughter

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Just one week after losing our family dog, my daughter started having a mood swing. I thought is something she could get over soon not until my daughter third grader’s teacher confirmed that something was wrong with her. I’m glad she was going to allow my daughter to rewrite the test she failed last week.

My daughter’s failure was completely out of character, When I explained to her teacher about how we lost our family dog who had been there with my daughter since she was born, her teacher said it all made sense. I was really thankful for the second chance, but on second thought I was also getting more worried about how serious my daughter took everything.

Lola’s love towards my daughter was unconditional, Lola was always there for every important moment in my daughter’s life. Truly the bond they created for each other was unbreakable.

Lola’s death was something no one in our family saw coming. She was like a cat, in that she seemed to have nine lives. Lola suffered kidney stones, beat Lyme disease, and even got hit by a car once. But while all this happens, our spunky beagle came back stronger than before. When she got to the age of 14, sure, she’d slowed down considerably, but Lola was still as persistent as ever when it came to stealing my daughter’s and her two sisters’ snacks or following her nose off our property and into a neighbor’s yard.

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One evening we came back home to meet Lola unable to walk, we visited the vet the next day thinking it would restore her mobility. But sadly, Our instincts were wrong. After conducting several tests on Lola, the vet gently advised this might be the end of the road for our sweet Lola. She was having liver failure, her arthritis was so bad, and it was unlikely or impossible that she’d ever been able to walk again.

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Truly dogs are man best friend. I was Shocked as looked into Lola’s eyes, it was when I realized she knew already how sick she was. Maybe she’d been hiding it from us, and all of a sudden, it was time to say goodbye. I cried nonstop for about 24 hours after we put Lola down that morning. I took Lola’s passing so hard and it’s for this reason I didn’t realize immediately how upset my oldest daughter was. When my head cleared a bit, I saw she wasn’t shaking the loss off as I’d expected her to.

Each time my daughter gets upset, Lola would always be there to comfort her. As soon as she comes back to school every day, Lola would always be the one to welcome her First. Lola and my daughter spent most of their fun-filled time together, they were just so fond of each other. She had made a permanent imprint on my daughter’s heart, and after talking with my daughter, I realized she was feeling very sad and confused because of Lola’s Death.

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I couldn’t stop my daughter from crying and she had a lot of sleepless night. In the night, I’d lie with her until she calmed down and nodded off. Entrusting in her teacher helped a lot because my daughter also had an ally at school to help her deal with her feelings. At home, we continued to talk about Lola and try as much as we can to stop her from crying a lot.

To me, I know it will take a little time before my daughter can get over it, Thanks to my husband who suggested we should rescue a dog to help her heal faster. At first, I didn’t buy the idea of getting a new family Dog because I thought no one can replace Lola. When I saw how much the idea triggered my daughter’s spirits, I got on board immediately. A week later, we adopted another beagle named her Bagel.

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Ever since then, the sadness I’d seen in my daughter was taken over with excitement by our new rescued family dog Bagel.


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