3 Dog Shampoo Recipe You Can Try At Home

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This Homemade Dog Shampoo is recipe is all you need if you’re looking for a dry shampoo for your pups or does your dog stinks, Well it’s time for some nice bathe with These Easy Dog Shampoo Recipe that is nice and Simple.

Nevertheless, They’re homemade shampoo recipes you can make in the comfort of your home with your partners, friends, kids or other dog owners. Offcourse, Taking care of your dog is a good business as every dog owner would want their dog to smell nice when they go out in public or are with friends.

Dog Shampoo

All you need to make this homemade dog-shampoo are stuff you can easily acquire, Most being ready at hand in the home while some you can only use it once, which means you won’t be needing any storage container. So I made these 3 homemade dog shampoo recipe so you can try making a new one each time you wash your pups.

What Do I Need To Make Homemade Dog Shampoo?

Baking soda and Vinegar which always shows up as the component of many Dog Shampoo and other ingredients which you can get in vet shops or some grocery shops include castile soap which is olive-oil based, and glycerine, a sugar-based alcohol compound. In some cases, your standard baby shampoo is often incorporated into a homemade dog shampoo recipe to help join ingredients together.

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How to make Dog Shampoo
Homemade Dog Shampoo

Let’s get to work

1. Homemade Dog Shampoo For Dogs With Dry Skin

You might want to try this recipe if your dog if your dog tends to have dry or itchy skin or sensitive skin, this shampoo will give your dog some degree of relief.

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All You Just Need Is;

  • A quart of water
  • A cup of liquid castile soap, like Dr. Bonner’s
  • A cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar
  • Then 1/3 cup of glycerine and 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel

2. Homemade Shampoo To Combat Fleas

A quick search on google will show you several homemade shampoo recipe for combating fleas of which is not very easy to prepare but is also perfect if your dog has sensitive skin.

All You Just Need

  • A quart of water
  • A cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar
  • A cup of baby shampoo or nontoxic dish soap (many blog sites recommend Dawn by name)

lower-volume homemade shampoo to fight fleas or for a smaller dog or puppy, try:

  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1/4 cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup of baby shampoo or nontoxic dish soap

To minimize waste apply either solution with a spray bottle or a thoroughly cleaned-out condiment bottle. Work the shampoo into your dog’s fur, Specifically along hard-to-reach areas down the spine, the base of the tail, the chest and under the forearms, and let it soak in for at least five minutes before rinsing. Comb or brush your dog during that time to remove dead fleas.

Dawn and baby shampoo should not be used too frequently on dogs as it may dry out a dog’s skin and should not be used on dogs with a dry skin condition. Instead, you may want to try a liquid castile soap, like Dr. Bonner’s.

3. Dry Homemade Dog Shampoo

If you bathe your dog more than once or so in a month, you might run the risk of dring your dog’s skin, this homemade shampoo is made with baking soda which you can find if not all, most of the grocery stores and in most homes.

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One of the benefits of using dry shampoo is that it will give your dog the sensation of being petted and caressed without the resistance you may face in the traditional wet-bath scenarios.

What You Need

  • A cup of baking soda
  • A cup of corn starch and
  • Few drops of essential oil (lemon and lavender seem to be the most used)

Note:  Most essential oils are not good for dogs, I advisey you use only Vet recommended as dog-safe and in a dog-safe quantity.

Spray the mixture on your pup and massage it into the dog’s skin with your hands or with a comb or brush. It’s best not to use too much baking soda at a time, 1 cup for a mid-sized dog is ok, Then, half a cup for a very small dog or puppy and not to apply this method too often, since the residue from the powder can accumulate, no matter how much a dog shakes himself afterward. Dry DIY shampoo for dogs is a good stopgap, but you know nothing beats the fun of having your dog shake water all over you or your bathroom from time to time.

Tell us about your favorite Shampoo in the comment section below. Share this post to your friends, remember sharing is caring.

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