Wet Or Dry Dog Food Check Which Is Best For Dogs.

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Ever wondered, Wet or Dry Dog Food, What’s Better? Before choosing the best food for your dog, there are several comparisons to be made. Before I proceed my dear friend of “man’s best friend,” you need to know that;

Taking good care of your dog is important, if not for anything just because you share your heart, your home, and sometimes even your bed with them.

If dogs could talk, you might not need the advice of the nation’s leading animal specialist on what kind of food suitable for our dogs.


Let’s Make Some Comparison Between Wet Or Dry Dog Food

Choosing between wet and dry dog food can be tough sometimes. Dry dog kibble is easier to store and serve While wet food often contains fewer grains and more protein. Let’s jump into some few comparisons to help you decide the best food for your dog.

Advantages Of Dry Dog Foods

  • Easy to store and serve
  • Strengthen Dog’s teeth and gums
  • Lower cost per serving
  • It helps to ensure firm stool.


  • According to animal protection institutes, some dry dog foods are sprayed with animal fats, unnecessary ingredients and/or unhealthy ingredients.
  • They’re mostly high in gluten.
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Advantages Of Wet Dog Food

  • Most dogs find it more palatable
  • It last longer when sealed
  • More protein which is essential to some dogs
  • Contains more moisture which is good for hydration and urinary tract


  • Most dog breeds gain more weight easily when fed on wet dog food.
  • It doesn’t last long when opened. Requires refrigeration.
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Mitigating Circumstances

Just like human beings, Dogs reacts differently on a different diet. Some dogs need mostly protein while some need Carbohydrates. Some gain most from dry foods while some benefit most from wet dog foods. If you have a dog with special issues, it is best to consult your veterinarian for food recommendations.

Keep these few things in mind when considering the best food for your Dog.

  • The Age: Young pups and senior dogs tend to do better on wet food because of the added hydration. It is also easier on their teeth.
  • Overweight Dogs: Wet food is higher in protein which is what a dieting dog needs. It also makes them feel fuller longer. However, high-protein dry dog food can also be sufficient.

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On Medical Conditions:

  • Dogs With Food Allergies: Mostimes dogs are allergic to dairy, wheat, and beef. A duck and potato or chicken and rice diet is often recommended and can be topped with either dry or wet food.
  • For Dogs With Diabetes: A low-carb diet is best recommended
  • For Dogs With Epilepsy: It is thought that a high-protein diet, whether dry or wet, may reduce seizures.
  • For Dogs With Hyperactivity: It is thought that a low-protein diet is best, which can easily be achieved with dry kibble.
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Most People Choose Premium Dog Foods As The Best Choice, See Reasons Below.

Wet or dry dog food that falls into the premium category offers the most balanced nutrition for your dog. The Premium dog foods range in price from approximately $25.00 to $50.00 per 15-pound bag. Too expensive for you? No worries, you can mix a premium food with your less expensive foods.

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Premium dog food have numerous benefits check them out

  • Few to no fillers or animal-by-products.
  • All-natural and/or organic.
  • No added preservatives or artificial additives.
  • Usually, only a few ingredients which are good for dogs with digestive problems and dogs with food allergies.
  • Tends to be high in Omega-3 which is good for your dog’s coat.
  • Made in small quantities at small factories which means it is easier to ensure health standards.
  • Made with the whole dog in mind, holistic viewpoint.
  • Taste testing tends to be done either by in-home tests or, if they keep dogs for testing, adoption to a loving home is assured.

Mix It Up To Gain More

It’s not always a question of wet or dry dog food. While a dog can certainly be healthy on either a dry or wet diet, experts agree that often the most balanced diet is a mix of both.

Also, supplements can be added to round it off (ask your vet which would be right for your dog). So keep your dog healthy and happy with a diet that works well for him.

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